Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sandwich Screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas again!! Thurs. Nov. 30th!

We did so well with the shows last week that the owner of the Drafthouse asked us to come back and have another screening! We decided on Thurs, Nov. 30th (my father's birthday) and I expect that we will either sell out again, or at least get close to it. We may also have another show on the following Thurs, Dec. 7th.

This is great!

More news...

We are in the process of trying to arrange screenings in the following cities:

Minneapolis, MN.
Austin, TX.
Lincoln, NE.
Dallas, TX.
Philadelphia, PA.
Toledo, OH.
Monterrey, Mexico.

This last one will give us an international screening! Rodolfo and his lovely wife Myriam have talked with the director of the Alzheimer's Association in Monterrey and he is very excited about this! Rodolfo is already working on subtitles for the film.

We will network through the Alzheimer's Association in each of the other cities as well, and also garner support via friends and family to hopefully pack the screenings.

This might be the little film that could. Who knows?


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