Friday, October 27, 2006

Filmmaker Journal Part 2

11/12/05 (Sat.) Day One is history!! Yeah! We made our day, although we went a little long at Morgan's house. Terry's footage looks great! She is very talented. Daniel Millican from IndieSlate magazine's filmmaker journal series said, “I walk around in a perpetual state of...”. I know what he means. I am forgetting what I'm forgetting.

This morning I thought I had everything covered until my DP, Tery asked me for mini-DV tapes! Guess what? No film! My mother-in-law DiAnne (a wonderful woman!) went out and bought several. One more thing I owe her, but when this film makes it big I can pay her back in spades!

We got 68 set-ups today!! I think that is great, fast, and of course, could be more efficient.
11/13/05 (Sun.) We shot the art classroom scene. Slight snafuu about the set-up, but we worked it out. Sandra Garcia was wonderful as usual. I wish I had gotten more coverage, but I was pushing it because of the ENEMY...TIME.

11/19/05 (Sat.) The art gallery scene was great, but the day was super long! It was at Northwest Vista College. We started late due to artists not arriving on time to place their work, and that put us an hour behind schedule. What people don't realize is that a few MINUTES late will push your production several hours back.

I do not like to be late!!! I do not like people to be late!!! There...I said it.
Had to vent for a second!!

The performances at the art gallery were amazing and big props to Jasmine and Diane for the 11th hour performances. They blew me away and were so FUNNY!

We finished the gallery scene at 1am, and shot another scene in the parking lot which took us to 2am...then Sonny Kelly, Johnny Cowboy (Caballero), Javier, and myself went to Joe's Volcano to shoot the bar scene. I got home at 3am!

The footage doesn't look too bad. Hope we can use it!

43 set-ups! Probably more if you count the fact that David shot a lot of footage that was NOT slated at my request. By the way, David Burns did a fantastic job shooting the art gallery scenes!! Very talented guy! I would love to work with him again in the future.


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