Friday, October 27, 2006

Sandwich Synopsis

Sandwich is the story of 30-year old MOLLY DENGLER, an aspiring artist and single mother, who tries to take care of her mother Evelyn who has Alzheimer’s Disease. As Evelyn’s condition worsens, Molly is forced to decide whether or not to place her mother in a long-term care facility so she can pursue her own dreams of painting professionally.
MOLLY DENGLER used to have a life... As a single mom trying to raise her six-year old daughter, her plate is already full.

Enter... ...EVELYN, her mother. An Old-World German woman with firm ideas about how young ladies should conduct themselves and their lives. Typical mom/daughter stuff until you factor in Evelyn’s Alzheimer’s.

When Molly’s older sister Grace passes the buck, Molly is forced to care for Evelyn as her condition deteriorates. Molly’s only comfort is her painting, and the promise of a relationship with an Assisted-Living administrator named CLARK.

Molly’s art teacher introduces her to a gallery owner who is thrilled with her painting and wants to showcase her work in New York City.

When this happens, she is faced with a pivotal question:

“What do you do if you’re stuck in the middle”?

This is one woman’s story about life, love, and just a little piece of sanity.


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